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to co-create your crisis proof organization



Start with yourself

to change others. If you can do it your teams can do it. It sounds more difficult, than it is. A step by step approach will give you enough freedom, time and motivation to go all the way. You can do it.

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If you often feel or think any of the below:

not enough time

There is just too much to do and the day flies by.  I want more delegation to focus on my strengths.



too many projects

We all need to focus on the really impact full ones for our customers, team members and the future of our company.


too many decisions

Why do I need to take all these decisions myself? There are lots of trustworthy, capable and experiences people in the organization to take their shares.

rather lonesome sometimes

It feels quite lonesome to juggle with all these market, business, customer and team challenges every day. I would love to have more sparring partners and co-leaders.

Then let's talk

Carsten Vossmeyer, Managing Director Asendia

"The right strategy at the right time. Local, aligned with the global strategy of our group. Since 2017, Marie-Therese has been my sparring partner on the journey to steer our company strategically in the right direction. Communicating with shareholders in the right way, shaping and promoting the team, organizing workshops and implementing the necessary change processes. The digital possibilities are our common passion. I personally and the employees benefit from the inspiration and skills of Marie-Thérèse."

Listen, evolve and co-create for the success of your company

The new normal requires new behavior, new leadership to enable you as the CEO to act swiftly, adapting to changes within days and not years. Without your teams behind you it will become a very lonely and tough journey. Neuroscience  has proven, that our brain is a very social organ. And one of the triggers is autonomy. So if you empower the autonomy of your people, you unlock their potential and therefore the successful future for your business. 
How to start? 

By using experiments to test new behaviors in a secure environment. That will allow for you to take a step by step approach. Your people will benefit from trying out new responsibilities and shared leadership.

Our customers no longer struggle with plans which do not work out.
  • You will be saving time of making endless organizational plans, which will never happen.
  • You will be saving money because you first check the impact of the first investments.
  • Engage your employees to try out the different decision making you want to delegate.
  • Increase self-responsibility among your teams to increase revenues and customer intimacy. 
  • Co-create your own organization journey versus using a fixed framework.
I want to try it out

Hi, I am Marie-Thérèse

My purpose is to change society through supporting transformation of companies to human centric organizations.
In my 30 years of leadership I did realize early on that I am very passionate about business with people. I was working in the hospitality industry when I was 14 years old. Since at that time I was rather shy, I mostly listened, observed and learned a lot about people and about business at the same time. 

When I run my own restaurant at the age of 22, I did understand, that I could not just use my power for leadership. I needed to have those 4 people working for me, and being all much older than me, sharing my responsibilities. Only so we could grow our revenues, make customers come back and run the restaurant successfully. Over the years I had the pleasure of working with lots of very passionate and capable people in different leadership roles and own companies as well.

Nowadays I love to work with organizations, CEO's and boards who are human centric and serious about sharing their leadership with their people. Since they have understood, that the future of their company is dependent on that.