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So what is a human-centric organization?

A human-centric organisation is a workplace where people can show their full potential and thrive.

It exists to fulfill a purpose for its employees, customers and community. In a human-centric organization people and values supporting people are at the heart of the organization. The systems and strategies are understood to be the mind of the organization. Connecting the mind and the heart of the organization we create an environment where all human productivity can soar. People are engaged, they feel purposeful and they can do their best work.

Studies show that with meaningful jobs people thrive.

These companies are showing the way with their human-centric approach:







John Lewis 

WP Haton


Marie-Therese has helped our organization in different areas. She has been a very good facilitator in workshops where the topics were neither easy nor familiar to us. She has also participated in our transformation related to performance management and compensation, not a easy topic.

Finally, talking about Marie-Therese as a person, I would say that her kindness, warmth, truthfulness and ethos make people feel comfortable to work together and build trust. Her dedication to the result make people feel comfortable that whatever has been planned, it will happen.


Thomas Nasiou, CEO Uster Technologies AG

Hi, I am Marie-Thérèse

My purpose is to change society through supporting transformation of companies to human-centric organizations. In my 30 years of leadership I did realize early on that I am very passionate about business with people.

When I ran my own restaurant at the age of 22, I did understand, that I could not just use my power for leadership. I needed to have those 4 people working for me, and being all much older than me, sharing my responsibilities. Only so we could grow our revenues, make customers come back and run the restaurant successfully. Over the years I had the pleasure of working with lots of very passionate and capable people in different leadership roles and own companies as well.

Nowadays I love to work with organizations, CEO's and boards who are human-centric and serious about sharing their leadership with their people. Since they have understood, that the future of their company is dependent on that.

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Personalized support to transform your business. With tools, methods, (innovative ideas, creativity) and sensitivity.


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