Are you ready to unlock your team's wisdom and potential as a CEO? 

Learn in this paid webinar how to use the art of listening and silence to start sharing your responsibilities - and improve your business situation.

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Be true to yourself

As if the sleepless nights and uncertainty weren't enough, the realities of the pandemic have left a certain distance between you and your co-workers, teams and employees. Everybody feels isolated including you. Online meetings with little real contact, has only made your job harder.

As the CEO of your company, you want to get a better perspective of your customers’ and market needs to make educated decisions including your staff’s feedback from the market. While they answer with digital reports you feel they are holding back. It feels like they they do not give you their honest opinions and the virtual environment does not help. So you might be lacking some vital information.

How about being able to listen to your employees from a neutral position, from the bottom of your heart, to invite them to offer their true ideas and opinions and provide you with these needed insights?

Listening seems so easy, doesn’t it? However, we human beings have so much to say and therefore true listening seems to have become a true art.

Learning to apply the art of listening for yourself will help you:

  • gain a far broader strategic perspective on a matter
  • get essential feedback for turn around decisions in business
  • improve your revenues, cost base and customer's intimacy 
  • gain greater awareness of individuals, situations, or specific points of view, which will in turn improve the performance of teams, individuals and organisation as a whole
  • create a strong vision for the future and put it in action
  • drive comprehensive change

Are you ready to unlock your team's true potential and wisdom through the power of listening ?

In this hybrid webinar you will:

  • learn to listen from a neutral position by applying the different stages of listening, to discover new perspectives.
  • experiment the impact of silence by moving out of your comfort zone and realize the power of your inner voice.
  • get neutral feedback from a peer by answering mind changing questions to detect new solutions.
  • giving neutral feedback to a peer and impact his way of thinking.

Curiosity breakfast - a learning experience with peers

April 23, 2021 - 07.30 - 09.00 CET









Are you ready to improve your decision -making by fine-tuning your listening skills? 

Then join us for this interactive webinar experience on

  April 23rd, 07.30 - 09.00 CET

you investment: 79€ 

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What will you learn?

  • How to listen to someone you don’t know, which will let you discover some of your blind spots.
  • How to share your thoughts about a specific difficult business situation and how to get a different perspective for your decision making.
  • How to use the power of a hybrid conversation to engage people, in in online (and offline) meetings.
  • Insights on your listening skills and suggestions for improving them. 
  • If interested you will have the opportunity to explore peer coaching with another person who faces similar challenges as you.

CCO of an industrial company

Doing this experiment early morning, gives you inspiration, creativity, focus and oxygen. 

How will it work?

  1. 3 days before the event you will receive your breakfast email with some first questions for the experiment. 
  2. With the log-in instructions for April 23rd, you will also get the latest information for the curiosity breakfast itself.
  3. You will be matched with a peer for some learning experiences and exchange.
  4. At the event you will be asked to engage actively and put into practice your listening skills.
  5. You will be taking away the instructions for an experiment within you teams and impact your communication and decision making.
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I am Marie-Thérèse,

your experience guide.

For over 30 years I have been using learning through experience impactfully in diverse roles and industries. In 2015 I decided for my third entrepreneurship and have worked with multiple national and international organizations and human centric CEOs.

Home office has opened another playground for me and my clients. I have a true passion for the mix of business with the playfulness of experiments. My purpose is to help CEOs to navigate their companies to become team driven and therefore more crisis proof organizations. It makes me happy to see people changing from employees to co-creators. I am in awe of the inspiration and creativity I see happening once the potential of the individuals is unleashed.